Keeping Moving & Exercising

Keeping Moving & Exercising

I have found that the more I do the better I feel (eventually). One of the problems of Parkinson’s Disease is the rigidity that occurs in some muscles, making it difficult and painful getting some things done. I found when moving some heavy stuff like the old CRT television, that I ached liked mad at the time but keep moving and the aches subside quite quickly next day.

I also think that my mood has improved a little, and the twitch in my legs, which usually starts as if I’ve had an electric shock is not quite as bad. However, I’m still tripping over my own feet which still stick to the floor especially when I try to move sideways, but I’ve not actually fallen over since my diagnosis.

Since rejoining the National Trust last year, both my wife and I have been keen to get out and visit these fascinating places , but more importantly to walk in the wonderful parkland that many of the major ones have; we now aim to walk at least 3-4 miles whenever we can get out to visit one of them.

We have been to Dunham Massey near Altrincham, Shugborough Estate near to Stafford and Lyme Park which is in Disley near Stockport in the last two weeks – all of these we would recommend to anyone.


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