Walking And Swimming

I’m finding now that the medication is helping me – with no real side-effects, and that  walking and swimming are really good at keeping me moving.

As at this time, I go swimming once a week for about an hour and walk three or four times a week for up to a couple of hours; I  swim maybe 500 metres and walk about 3-4 miles or so every time, so I’m quite happy with my general level of fitness.

As I mentioned in keeping moving and exercising, since we renewed our National Trust membership year, both my wife and I have been keen to get out and walk in the wonderful parkland that many of the major ones have.

From today I have increased my Ropinirole to 3 mg, three times a day and I hope that it doesn’t upset anything.

On Wednesday this week a follow up to the speech and language therapy group has been arranged; at the end of the 6 week course we we asked to deliver a short 5 minute presentation on a subject of our own choosing to demonstrate our improved speech facilities.

However, we ran out of time so I imagine this is the intention of the follow up session.

I had prepared a few slides of some holidays, but I may do something else now.

18th May 2017: Update

What with other appointments for both myself and my wife, who has been plagued with gastritis and what’s been diagnosed as post-cholecystectomy syndrome, I called the SLT therapist and cancelled the follow-up. She has now discharged me and said to call if I need anything further from them.

I went to the Lifestyle Centre again yesterday for a swim and did 15 lengths using  different strokes, front crawl, breast stroke and back stroke. I am really enjoying walking and swimming as often as possible. Read more about exercise when you have Parkinson’s Disease.


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