Medication For Parkinson’s Disease

Thinking about some of the symptoms I have, I realise that my voice started going hoarse at least 2 years ago and my wobbly legs have been like that for a similar length of time.

The general stiffness seems to have been around for a while too, so it seems that this Parkinson’s thing has been creeping up on me steadily without me realising it.

I spoke to the Consultant Neurologist’s secretary on Friday last, who told me that the results of my MRI scan are waiting for review – although he won’t be available to do that until tomorrow, Tuesday 6th September, and a report will be sent to my GP following his review. So I’m still waiting; although she couldn’t tell me anything she said that if there had been anything urgent, they would have been in touch.

Since starting on this medication, I had built up to taking 2 pramipexole tablets first thing in the morning plus 1 twice per day which should then increase to 2 pramipexole tablets three times per day in another week or so.

However, I have seen no benefits whatsoever and if I’m honest I think that some symptoms have worsened. While working in the garden over the bank holiday weekend, I found both feet were freezing regularly and I nearly fell a couple of times. I’ve had no side effects thankfully, but I am going to reduce the dose to one 3 times per day and see if anything gets better or worse.

So from 30th August I have ditched the double dose in the morning and today, the first of September I actually feel better although I know there are ‘on’ and ‘off’ days which may be the reason. I’ll try to contact the neurologist today to see if there is a result from my MRI scan.

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