My MRI Scan Results

MRI Scan Results – no way.

I really expected to have heard something by now, so had to chase them again yesterday Friday 9th September. When I spoke to the Consultant’s secretary she said the Consultant had only just reviewed the scan results and had  dictated a report to be sent to the GP and a copy for me. However, the typists are running a week behind (!!) so there will be a delay before I hear anything.


Of course I cannot be told what is in the letter so I asked to speak directly to the Consultant, but that’s like asking to speak to the Prime Minister! The best the secretary could do was put me through to her Service Manager.

The manager was like a stuck record, so I got precisely nowhere, other than being told I could make a complaint.  That wouldn’t get me any results so no point in that.

Amy, the Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, also called me yesterday to see how I’m getting on with the swallowing issues, which are no worse and to check that I wasn’t having any chest infections. She also said that she had asked the community physiotherapist to get in touch to work on my walking and falling problems.

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